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This is a program where Mamesuke, a little puppy, proudly introduces the various Japanese beautiful crafts and craftsmanship to people around the world.
After the show airs on TV, The complete version of "Mamesuke -Shiba Inu & Beauty of Japan-" will be uploaded on YouTube.


#4 Beauty of Japan Vol.4
SATSUMA KIRIKO(Kagoshima Prefecture)
Glass technique carried on for 170 years.


Beauty of Japan Vol.5
ARITA YAKI(Saga Prefecture)
Traditional pottery that has been passed down for 400 years.

Video distribution starts on YouTube at 10:00pm(JST) on August 9th.


#1 Beauty of Japan Vol.1
KAGA YUZEN(Ishikawa Prefecture)
This is a dyeing technique that has been passed down for 300 years.
#2 Beauty of Japan Vol.2
TSUGARU NURI(Aomori Prefecture)
It is a traditional container that has been passed down for over 300 years.
#3 Beauty of Japan Vol.3
RADEN(Kyoto Prefecture)
Traditional decoration technique that has not changed since 1300.

What is Mamesuke?

Aired from April 2008 to March 2020 Mamesuke was Wafusohonke’s mascot’s name.
This is the 24th mascot!

24th mascot Mamesuke profile
Born on April 19th 2020.
Very intelligent and clever dog.In the beginning he was afraid to climb stairs but proved to be a fast learner.He is a lover of gourmet foods and loves chicken breast meat.
Sound sleeper.
He has a very cautious nature and is also afraid of big noises.During filming, he somehow wouldn’t approach the food scales used for food scenes.
But otherwise the filming proceeded smoothly.

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Mamesuke from the first to the 23rd generation is now?

追跡!歴代豆助のその後 豆助っていいな。